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Flying Princess: Great action/puzzle physics game for iOS

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Coming soon: to be released on July, 2012
Paid and Free versions will be avaiable for iPhone and iPod

There are many coins spread over the 4 worlds: kingdom, winter, night and underwater. You need to help princess Lea to catch all the coins and save the kingdom.
You play by pointing and shooting cannons that throw Princess Lea, so she can fly to grab the coins.
Some images here:

[img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img]

[img][/img] [img][/img]

Video here: [media][/media]

On story mode you'll play on 5 chapters on a total of 50 levels, with many challenges like spikes, rocks, fireballs, underwater gravity and more.
On endless mode, you'll try to reach the highest distance that you can, completing all the missions and competing with your friends on leaderboards.
You can buy new dresses to give special abilities for for the princess.

We used Cocos2D, CocosDenshion and Box2D frameworks to develop this game.
The game has integration with Game Center.
Most of the art was done with open source software: Gimp, Inkscape and Audacity.

You can read more about Flying Princess at my website:

I'll thank if you write a honest review on the app store.
Please report bugs or suggestions here on this thread, or send me a direct mail: maicon at

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