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Unique artists and art styles

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Hello artists,

I've been wanting to gather a little collection of artists and art styles to inspire me in game development. I'm not a big fan of "realism" in games and I tend to lean to the more stylized route. There are so many options for stylization. Could you list off some distinct artists that you know of? I don't have a very big knowledge and I would like to expand my references. Here are the ones I have so far (I may spell them wrong):

Boris Velaho - Think Conan the barbarian with less clothes
H.R. Giger - Imagine everything drawn by a xenomorph
Norman Rockwell - 1960's America. Cartoonish proportions
Peter Chung - Lanky characters, extreme proportions.
Todd McFarlane - Spawn. Gothic superhero.
Anime - Realistically proportioned cartoon characters. Few colors and shadows come in layers, not a gradient
Sin City - Black and white with one bold color
Salvidore Dali - a colorful, warped perspective
Picasso - Very warped proportions
Japanese Textile - Emphasis on nature and patterns
M.C. Escher - Distored reality, physical impossibilities
Brain Froud - Looks like wood carvings. Fairies and mythical creatures

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You are all over the place with your list. Cubism, surrealism, contemporary illustrators, Western art, Eastern art. How do you start adding to that, there are so many people I can list...

First of, it's Boris Vallejo.
Going in that direction, his wife Julie Bell works in a similar style, as do his step sons David and Anthony Palumbo.

Some of my favorites, as they come to me off the top of my head.
Alphonse Mucha - The Art Noveau master
Xa - French guy working in an anime like style, the Dofus and Wakfu artist
Niklas Jannson - Have to mention him. I'm a fan of this Swedish concept artist.
Samuel St. Germain - I don't know much about this guy, but his artwork on discount mayo is fantastic
Joe Chiodo - I love his pin-ups, too bad I haven't really seen anything new in a long time.

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I'm a particular fan of prehistoric and ancient art, which there are no artist names to go with. I supposed I could name a place, like the lascaux meadow cave?

Of more recent artists we do have names for, some of my favorites are: Franz Marc, Leonid Afremov, Antoni Gaudi (architect), Victor Horta (architect), and Louis Comfort Tiffany (glass). I also like dozens of manga, western comic, and goth comic artists. For examples of goth comic style, see the graphic novel series GloomCookie (had two or three artists over its run).

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