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running pvp mode?

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I am interested in a running away mode and a chasing mode for pvp.

I got inspired by it when i saw gw2 will have a swimming mode where they recieve completely different abilities.

For this to work first thing thats important is that its faster to switch back and fourthbetween normal mode and chasing mode than its to switch between fleeing mode and normal mode... so its not used for kiting or anything like that.

why should you have a running and chasing mode?

because its so friggin boring with games where your only chance of getting someone that is running away is if he runs into a tree or something or into a dead end like ocean or something like that... or runs out of stamina or anything... and that he isnt close to a town.
its also super boring for someone that running... that he has to run for an hour and hope that chaser gets bored.

some games make it more fun with classes where some classes simply suck at fleeing and have no choice but to stand ground and die and some that are great at chasing but weaker at fighting against someone standing ground.. etc.. this works great for casual games where theres no penalty for losing...but what about more meaning ful games? its just too unfair then.

so lets discuss some cool ways to make it possible to have a fleeing and chasing mode?
because its not that easy really, would it become like a racing game where flee'er is running while dropping bombs and fire behind him and chaser has abilities to jump over them and roll around and make an ranged attack as well that has a cooldown?

or what about a escape mode where its not about running... just.. staying alive inside a radius for a time... you have abilities for defending yourself and maybe healing yourself... if you survive long enough then you get away and are "immune" to getting attacked for a certain time.
that reminds me a little about ultima online because it really took a lot of skill to defend urself and heal urself with great timing and distrupting enemy to make it harder for him to kill you.

Lets not talk about the classes thing really..
think about ways to make a escape/flee/defend mode and a chase/attack mode

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