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Deus Vult Game

Deus Vult - A historical RPG with elements of RTS and first person combat

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Hello gamedev.net forum,

it took a rather long while but after many setbacks we have decided to show what has happened in the development of Deus Vult so far. Most people don't know the project yet, so here's a little introduction: Deus Vult is, essentially, a strategy game with role playing elements (or vice versa, depending on how it is played). In short, you can think of it as a mix between Mount&Blade and the Total War series. The player will be able to control his character in 3D combat while being able to give orders and arrange battle plans. However, most tactical decisions will need to be made before the battle. Only rudimentary changes are possible during the fighting because the combat itself is going to be the core of the gameplay. Beside the battlefields the game will play out on a turn based strategy map, where the player will be able to travel, plan his military campaigns and manage his fiefs. Set during the third crusade, we aim for a historical and realistic, but at the same time entertaining, playing experience. This is only a short overview, we have pages and pages of design documents and if you have any further questions about the gameplay, we will be happy to give you a more detailed answer.

We are, currently, a team of six: A project leader (who also takes care of animations), two 2D/3D artists (I'm one of them), a designer/writer (who has been part of the team that developed Mount&Blade and who has published several books), a composer and a programmer (with a master degree in game design). As a programming language we chose C#; we work with the Leadwerks engine.


Download link (current release build)

  • No gameplay yet
  • Still rather unpolished, known bugs include buggy SSAO edge recognition, AA is not working and no proper animations for strafing and walking backwards
  • Simply extract the .zip file and run Deus Vult.exe in the folder, you might have to click on the main window to have it start properly


    Screenshots of the release build:






    We are always looking for dedicated new team members, especially programmers (C#); comments, criticism and questions appreciated

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I'm sorry to break that to you, but I think there's already another middle ages game with the same name.
Have you run a thorough check on that?

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