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Collision between sphere and terrain mesh

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I am trying to implement collision between a sphere, which is the camera, and the mesh, so that I can make a first person game. My problem is that sometimes, I go through some planes.
I tried implementing a variable which tells me if I stand on the ground or not, applying gravity only if I'm not on the ground. It sort of worked, but I didn't think it was really correct.
So, now that I'm applying gravity all the time, it's more buggy. Here's some code:

In the main loop:

gravity += .05;
camera.speed.y -= gravity;
spheremodel(camera.pos, camera.radius, camera.speed, map);
camera.pos += camera.speed;

The spheremodel method:

void spheremodel(Vec3f &pos, float radius, Vec3f &speed, model model){
for (int f = 0; f < (signed)model.faces.size(); f++) {
face face = model.faces[f];
float dist1 = (pos - face.vertices[0]).dot(face.normal);
float dist2 = (pos + speed - face.vertices[0]).dot(face.normal);
float dist = 0;
if((dist1 > 0 and dist2 < 0) or (dist1 < 0 and dist2 > 0))
dist = abs(dist1 - dist2);
else dist = abs(dist1);
if (pointinpolygon(pos - face.normal * dist, face)) {
pos += face.normal * (radius - dist);

The pointinpolygon method:

bool pointinpolygon(Vec3f point, face face) {
Vec3f a, b, p, q;
a = face.vertices[face.np-1] - point;
b = face.vertices[0] - point;
p = a.cross(b);
int i;
for(i = 0; i < face.np - 1; i++) {
a = face.vertices - point;
b = face.vertices[i+1] - point;
q = a.cross(b);
if(p.dot(q) < 0) return false;
return true;

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