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DX11 Collada and SlimDX issues

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So, we decided to go with the only stack option out there for loading a model into a SlimDX C# program.... which happens to be Collada. The issue is there is nothing out there right now that fully works with animated and textured models. After a months worth of work we have fixed this ( or so we thought ) until after we imported the model and now it is doing some really crazy stuff.

The model, is moving to the camera ( i realize this is probably engine based rather then collada loading but I wanted to be sure ). And the mesh implodes on itself.... in some really odd way.


  • Is it safe to assume the model is loading properly?
  • Do you think this is more related to something with the engine and how we are drawing the object, or could it be the loading that caused it to be all jacked up?

    The more we move further with this, the more it makes me want to start a project to actually make a damn model loader for dx11 and dx10. It seems that there is no real projects out there that are doing this for C# related games. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Edited by riuthamus

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