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[Havok] Getting hkpRigidBody from .hkt file

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I'm trying to export a Rigid Body from 3ds max to use in my game. It's just a box, with a Shape and Rigid Body modifier. Here's what the exporter shows.


Then, I'm loading the .hkt file through the hkSerializeUtil class.

hkResource* loadedData = hkSerializeUtil::load("test.hkt");

Here's where the problem seems to be. I'm not sure how to get this data into a hkpRigidBody object.

I've tried this with no success.

hkpRigidBody* contents = loadedData->getContents<hkpRigidBody>();

I also tried loading the data into hkxScene, hkpWorld, but they all just give null pointers.

Halp plz?

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Hello Yartch,
If you have added a box with a Shape and Rigid Body modifier and used the filters shown in your picture, you should be able to load the .hkt file in your application by using the hkpHavokSnapshot::load function as shown in the "hk'2011_2_0_'r1\Demo\Demos\Physics\Api\Dynamics\World\WorldSnapshot\WorldSnapshot" demo.

Also note that it is also important that you add the Transform Scene filter to your exporter as 3DsMax works in inches and Havok works in meters (you just need to set the Preset parameter to SCALE_INCHES_TO_METERS). This will avoid you some troubles later on.

If it still doesn't work please let me know which version of Havok you are working with and attach the exported .hkt asset and I will take a further look at it.

David Grosman. Edited by havokDavid

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