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C-Lesh Game Programming Language/Console - Android Mobile

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First off I created this as a hobby project in order to test the limits of JavaScript although the project has its roots in another one I did a while ago to emulate the TI-82 Basic language. However, C-Lesh, seems to be of great use for mobile, and potentially, online game development.

C-Lesh is an interpreter/compiler/console to allow for the creation of 2D games ranging from snake to, potentially, Mario. With C-Lesh you can simply download a sprite sheet from the internet and begin game creation. The language is similar to Basic with fixed memory divided into object-oriented lists and static variables. Constants are used to declare which memory locations would be used. C-Lesh also implements the Super Mario World Game Engine (please look up that thread to see what I'm talking about) to its full extent with features like built-in camera handling and collision detection. Text maps are also included in C-Lesh. A typical project would consist of two files: the code module (.clsh extension) and the sprite sheet (scaled up by a factor of 2 for quick drawing).

As mentioned before C-Lesh is written in JavaScript. This goes for the compile and interpreter. I decided to write C-Lesh in JavaScript for portablility and to avoid programming in Java and to create decent online games without the use of plugins. However, as JavaScript got fast and the fact that I saw NES/GameBoy emulators written in JavaScript I decided C-Lesh could be written in it as well. Currently, C-Lesh will run on Android mobile devices with decent performance given that the device is supporting Android 2.2 (Froyo) and up as JavaScript engines in earlier version are slow. Really slow.

Some links to satisfy your enthusiasm. (If it exists.)

C-Lesh Console: http://www.c-lesh.net => C-Lesh Console (open source)

* Currently can't show any games running as I am secretly working on those. I could post some screenshots, though... maybe later.

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