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Martin Perry

DX11 [DX11] Raycast terrain or triangle mesh with LOD

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I have read several articles on this toppic. Even here on gamedev. Someone says that geometry based terrain is better, someone otherwise. What is better on currect (DX11) HW ? Render terrain as geometry or as ray-traced with PS writing depth ?

I want terrain with shadows and I am using deferred rendering, so anti-aliasing is not quite issue, because I need to deal with it manually eitherway.
Currently, I am using LOD (geo-mip-mapping), but number of draw calls per terrain is quite large (each block is rendered with its own draw-call). So it makes about 40 calls per frame. I could done it with one draw, but it needs to update IB every (almost) frame, if movements are fast enough.
Moving to raycasting should deal with all of this problems and also add fine detail, with usage of parallax (or other technique). I have experiences with voxel-ray-casting, which is fast enough. So I think, that ray-casted terrain should be faster (plus there is usually no transparency needed), than geometry based one.

What are your opinions ? smile.png
Thaks... Edited by Martin Perry

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