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Does information on PhysX exist?

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Ok so i would like to learn how to use PhysX. I go to their site and i down load the latest version. I set it up so its all linked up and ready to go. I then spend countless hours trying to find any info on it. I did find information on the earliest version but that version is much different then the latest version apparently and much has been changed or deprecated. So I am wondering a few things. one is there some kind of magical website out side of Nvidia's sdk support site that has such info. two do the people that use PhysX currently just use the older version because that one actually has info on it. has any one even heard of some documentation on this product. from looking at the documentation on the earlier version, there is absolutely nothing i don't understand or cant handle as far as maths or language is concerned. i would just like to know what are the classes and what they do or can do. seriously are there only like 3 people out there using this library out side of corporations like autodesk or EA? I think it would be a great thing to learn and i am all rarin' to go but apparently i have no place to go. does any one have any info or at least thoughts on the matter?

p.s. I also have a post open in beginners on a similar topic but i thought this place might be more appropriate.

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