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Technical Lead vs Project Manager

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A technical lead actually has to be an expert in the technical field that they're leading ([i]e.g. gameplay programming, engine programming, or tools programming[/i]), and need managerial skills to lead and delegate to a team of other technical staff ([i]e.g. telling the other programmers what they should be doing, and helping them get their job done[/i]). They'll provide reports to the project manager about tasks time estimates, prerequisites, required resources, etc... They'll also be responsible for important decisions in their department, such as coding standards and large-scale architectural choices.

The project manager knows what the end product should be, and cooperates with the leads ([i]from each department[/i]) on creating a plan of how to get there. They'll map out which tasks should be done in which order so that every department is being productive, and try to keep everyone on-schedule.
The roles of "producer" or "project coordinator" are very similar to the above, and might be part of the same "project management" hierarchy.

These are both jobs for people with a lot of experience though. At an entry level, the 1st job starts with just a junior-level role in the applicable department ([i]junior game programmer, junior artist, etc[/i]), and the 2nd job would probably start as an assistant-producer. Edited by Hodgman

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