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Looking to display a live webpage as a texture on a 3d object in WPF

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I'm trying to map a live webpage to a 3d shape in a WPF window.

I'm using [url=""][/url] (1.7 RC2) for the webview and [url=""][/url] for the 3d objects.

<p:Spherical3D ParallelCount="30" DefaultTextureMapping="True">
<ImageBrush TileMode="None" Stretch="Fill"
ImageSource="{Binding Path=WebTexture, ElementName=MyWpfWindow}" />

Code Behind:
public MainWindow()
_webView = WebCore.CreateWebView(800, 600);
_webView.LoadURL(new Uri(@""));
while (_webView.IsLoading)
var buffer = (BitmapSurface)_webView.Surface;
var bitmap = new WriteableBitmap(800, 600, 96, 96, PixelFormats.Bgra32, null);
buffer.CopyTo(bitmap.BackBuffer, 800, 4, false, false);
WebTexture = bitmap;

private ImageSource _webTexture;
public ImageSource WebTexture
return _webTexture;
set { _webTexture = value; RaisePropertyChanged("WebTexture"); }

I know I'm loading the webpage correctly, and the Spherical3D object shows up just fine if I use a jpg as the ImageSource for the ImageBrush (no binding). But for some reason the GET request isn't being called, so I can't even test to see if my copy is working.

So, question #1, how do you turn a WriteableBitmap into the texture for an ImageBrush?
Or is there a better way to do all this?

2 hours of google/bing/duckduckgo didn't bring up anything so any help would be great.

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