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Eris - Online Open World Tower Defense FPS

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I suppose I'll get the links out of the way right away:

Website: CodeAvarice.com
Youtube: CodeAvariceGames
Twitter: @SpooderW

In Eris, you find yourself on an alien planet, with your only way to get off being the alien mother ship secured in a heavily fortified alien base. The base is being powered by oil drilling towers scattered across the map. You must find and capture these towers to shut down power to the main base, allowing you to get in and steal the mother ship.

Eris is a game about freedom. You can plan your attack on an enemy tower however you see fit. You could walk in the front door with a shotgun in one hand and a grenade in the other. You could grab a jet pack and come in through the roof. You could sneak in through the back door in the middle of the night with cloaking device and a silenced pistol. It's up to you to decide.

You earn XP by killing enemies and capturing towers. XP can be spent on perks, stat boosts, and tower defenses.

Perks and stat boosts play a large role in Eris. Perks can be anything from a parachute to the ability to quickly dash in any direction. Stat boosts effect things like weapon accuracy, health, run speed, ect. These things can dramatically change the way you play the game. Grabbing double jump and boosting your jump height allows you to scale up exposed stairways, and boosting your armor and grabbing the dash perk can make you a serious threat in close quarters conflict.

Tower defenses, such as turrets, are a must if you intend to leave a tower you have captured and have it stay captured. You buy defenses with XP, and can immediately place them where they are needed.

Multiplayer will be a big part of the game. Playing online with friends, deciding whether to team up, or fight for control over enemy towers. We have a team system implemented that allows players to form teams. Anyone on your team can place defenses in your towers, and your turrets will automatically attack anyone not on your team. Teams can be any size, from one player teams, to one big team.

Some screens of what we've got going thus far:



We've been doing development videos since the very first week of development. Here are the first 5 in reverse chronological order.





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