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PhysX include errors

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[b]This is all i use in my cpp file that bases on PhysX:[/b]
[source lang="cpp"]#include <pxphysicsapi.h>
#include <pxdefaulterrorcallback.h>
#include <pxdefaultallocator.h>

#pragma comment(lib, "PhysX3_x86.lib")
#pragma comment(lib, "Foundation")
#pragma comment(lib, "PhysX3Extensions.lib")[/source]

[b]And my VC++ Directories - > Include Directories contains:[/b]
[source lang="cpp"]D:\Users\ait\Desktop\PhysX-3.2_PC_SDK_Core\Samples\SampleFramework\framework\include

[b]And my VC++ Directories - > Library Directories contains: [/b]
[source lang="cpp"]D:\Users\ait\Desktop\PhysX-3.2_PC_SDK_Core\Lib\win32[/source]

However when I try to declare a PxScene I get an error saying that the term is not defined! What is wrong here?!

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If that's all you use in your cpp file, then you need to put the name of the file you want to include after the #include, i.e. #include "filename.h" where filename is the filename of the header file you want to include. This should fix the problem unless the forum software ate the #include filenames for some reason.

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=)) the forum ate those wouldn't think I try to use PhysX and I don't know how to use include properly do you? Anyway,I fixed it now,thanks.

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