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Having problem using SDL_mixer

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Hi everyone, I have been programming with C++ for awhile but I am new at using third party libraries and tools.
I am trying to learn SDL. I download the latest SDL 1.2 (I'm using runtime and development libraries). The download came with all the necessary header files and library files and I am successfully using them in my programming projects.

Today, I decided to use SDL_mixer to add sound effects in my project. I am following this tutorial
The tutorial states that I need to download SDL_mixer separately. I downloaded the latest binary windows release of the SDL_mixer from the official website of SDL ( and when I extracted the files, I only find runtime libraries in the folder, there are no include header files there, no development libraries.

However, in the tutorial the author is using "SDL_mixer.h" header and has instructed to link SDL_mixer.lib with the project. However, as I downloaded the library of SDL_mixer, there are no headers or .lib files, only .dll files there.

I tried downloading the source code of SDL_mixer and "SDL_mixer.h" was located there so I pasted in my main SDL include folder but I still can't find the SDL_mixer.lib to link it with the project.

I don't know If I am lost or doing something wrong here.... Please guide me....

Thank you...

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Yes but it can be used with code blocks too.

This tutorial will help you:

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