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OpenGL [XNA] Order independently drawn transparent model is not reading depth

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I'm using a method for drawing transparent objects without ordering using the weighted average method found in the following paper: [url="http://Weighted%20Average%20Paper:%20"]http://Weighted Average Paper:[/url]

The problem with my setup is that the transparent model always draws on top of the opaque model even when I believe I have set up my render states correctly and it should be obscured.

The draw method can be broken down as follows:

- SetRenderTarget
- DrawOpaque
- UnsetRenderTarget
- SetTransparentRenderTargets
- DrawTransparent
- UnsetTransparentRenderTargets
- CombineTransparent result with OpaqueRenderTarget result

I have attached a simple source code and .exe demonstration of the problem. WASD keys and mouse to control the camera.

The opaque object is drawn in front of the camera and the transparent object is drawn behind the opaque object. It is not obscured by the opaque object and I am uncertain why this is the case?

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