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Research on Video Games Localization/Translation - Dissertation Questionnaire

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Hi everyone,

I am a post-graduate at the University of Sheffield in the UK and am conducting research on localization/Translation of video games; particularly surrounding the technical, linguistic and cultural issues that are raised among fans.
As many people involved the type of work done are all around the world, I have created an online questionnaire to collect as many people's experiences and opinions as possible over the next 6-8 weeks (as I have to begin writing up the results in August!).
Participants do not have to be active or highly-experienced in this area, all opinions are welcome!

The questionnaire can be found at

If you have a little free time and fill out the questionnaire, it would be greatly appreciated. Also if you could pass this on to others who may be interested too (they do not need to be users of this forum either).
The questionnaire is anonymous, and every step has been taken to ensure answers are kept confidential (more details are given at the start of the questionnaire).

If anyone would like to comment or ask questions on this research, please feel free to get in touch.
Many thanks!

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Done and good luck!

On a sidenote: The question about fluent you could speak in your native language (or 5 others) was a bit unclear with "language 1, language 2, etc". Perhaps with some pre-defined languages or the ability to set what language you are fluent in would be a clearer addition! :)

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