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[C#] Adding Garbage To Binary Files

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I am working on an issue of security when dealing with binary files ( images + serialized files ). Basically I do not want the end users stealing the files.

Due to the fact that I'll be eventually dealing with thousands of binaries over many networks, both in the form of serialized text files, and images, I figured the best and most efficient way to handle the situation would be to to add junk data to the file.

Encryption would be very impractical, due to the large number of binarys being handled at once.

Are there any good methods for adding and removing junk data ?
- Thanks.

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Why would you do that ?

The game client will have to be able to decode your binary files so any user who wants to "steal" your images can just grab the decoded versions from RAM while the game is running.

Thus simply put:

1) You cannot prevent users from taking your games assets and using them privately. (and it really shouldn't matter if anyone does that, they've payed you for the game and you don't lose money if they open your images in the gimp and draw mustashes on them or whatever they feel like doing)
2) If you want to prevent users from taking your assets and distributing them (Which really is the only case where you have a problem) you use a lawyer to shut down the ones who do, or drag them to court if the infraction is bad enough to make it worth the effort.

Adding garbate data to your binary files will only do 2 things:
1) it will make loading data slower
2) it will make loading data slower

If you are making a streaming movie/music/whatever service and want to prevent users from ripping the content you're pretty much out of luck, it is impossible to prevent unless you got a trusted platform (And for those things there is always the analog hole which is impossible to plug even on a trusted platform (If the user can see or hear your work they can copy it). You can however use watermarks to make it easier to track down those who rip and distribute your work. (This also acts as a deterrent and it can be very hard or even impossible for a pirate to know for sure that they've managed to eliminate all the watermarks). Edited by SimonForsman

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