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SFML issue with AMD Graphics cards?

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Hey guys do you know of any issue SFML has with AMD graphics cards?

I started learning the SFML library first, but was put off when it refused to show anything past the console window. I tried some work arounds concerning placing a DLL in my .exe directory.. BAM blue screen of death.

My computer has an AMD HD6970 graphics card. I tried it on my friends computer and it worked fine without any workarounds or anything. His graphics card is different to mine so I am assuming that is the problem.

I moved to SDL and was having fun with that when I saw a whole lot of SFML recommendations. So I decided I'd give it a go again. Same problem as before.

Does anyone know how to avoid this problem?

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[quote name='Hodgman' timestamp='1343123411' post='4962549']
Have you tried updating your drivers?

Yes I have updated to the latest drivers for everything

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