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BlitzBasic not changing a variable?

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I'm using Blitz3d and I'm making a 2d puzzle game fro practice.

I'm simply trying to make it so if the images touch the button changes color.

If button1 = 1 then the button should be red
if button1 = 2 then the button should be pink

If I set button1 = 2 at the beggining (as opposed to 1) then button will be pink, so it's obviously detecting the variable

Also, when the bullet hits the button, it dissapears, so I know there is a collision happening.

sealy in the y coordinate
sealx is the x coordinate.

[source lang="plain"]For bull.bullet = Each bullet
If bull\sealx = 600 And bull\sealy = 0
Delete bull.bullet
If button1 = 1 Then
button1 = 2
ElseIf button1 = 2 Then
button1 = 1

Since the bullet is disappearing, it's obvious the collision is working. But why isn't the bullet drawing?

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