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Paul C Skertich

Quick question hoping I'm thinking in the right direction

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Hey guys, before I go to bed! My C++ .NET Level editor would basically call functions from the engine's managed .net dll file, right? For instance, right now I'm working on the camera and understanding more about D3DXMatrix and D3DXVector3's. So, since the DX is attached to a Panel control. I would have to go in the Panel_KeyDown function:

1) If 'W' key is pressed then move camera forward through update loop.

Same thing would apply to mouse move, right?

Also, say if I click on Add Mesh toolbar icon - this would call a function in the DLL to swpan a mesh at such and such location and orientation- right?

If all these sound right then I think I'm learning quicker than I thought! Which is good!

Thanks for helpful support! Much appreciated!

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