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Hi all,

I'm Fabio Belsanti, managing director and lead designer at [url=""]Age of Games[/url], an independent Online Gaming Website.
Since April 2010 we have sponsored a lot of indie games and developed several Strategy and RPG projects, such as the series [url=""]King's Island[/url], [url=""]Eukarion Tales[/url], [url=""]Chroma Wars[/url], and [url=""]Fantasy Kommander[/url].


Our website features an amazing user profile which allows players to submit high scores, earn achievement badges, create gaming groups, make friends, upload contents (photos, artworks, videos etc.) and become the AOG Weekly or Monthly Champion winning our $ 50,00 Gift Cards!


In the next few days we are going to release the sequel of the successful game [url=""]Medieval Wars 2[/url] and to announce the Open Beta of [url=""]“Iron Warriors”[/url], a crazy action-rpg-strategy-parodic game!
If you are an independent developer who created a great game, contact us for sponsorship opportunities.

Stay tuned for upcoming news!
The [url=""]AgeOfGames[/url] Team

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