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Java 2D Collision problems with running applet to test

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I am having collision problems and it stopped my progression in learning java [img][/img]... (ive put it down for a couple of weeks) As it seems to just turn into trial and error as I cant seem to get the results wanted.

I did have the charcter bounce off the wall in the negative velocity and this produced a glitchy very bouncy person
It seems as I solve one symtptom another comes up such as sticking to walls or passing through walls in one direction

the applet can be tried tested here

sprite sheet is here

view the full unglitchy(formatted) source code here

Ive also attached the current glitchy version which has jumping in it.( just unzip and run the strange61112html.html)
i dont know where the problems are if they are in key released/pressed or in plymove or all of the above.

my goals were to have stable jumping and walking of course any hints in the right direction would be appreciated so i can move forward with other game features.


edit: In an effort to increase replys:) all good replys that directly result in me solving the jumping collision glitches I will provide advertising link/picture on my web page to a link of your choice for atleast a year or more. Edited by StrangeTurtle

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