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Introduction to kombatmaster94

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Hello there guys! This is kombatmaster94's first post here. As a new member, I feel the need to tell you something MASSIVE as far as ambitions go: I will become the next Stan Lee in comics but form a league of my own as well. That means I'm gonna be the next big comic book and pop culture player; I wouldn't just be making billion dollar franchise comics, but also games, movies, and TV animation equivalent to that. I have a lot of (unfinished) ideas, but I am still 18 so I should be able to develop enough to succeed over such a huge course of time. I came to this forum and three other forums to work on a forum that would give me an insight on how the creative and business side of the meduims work. For example, this site will shed some light for me on video games and the creative and business side of them. I will be mostly looking over some related threads to this subject matter, but you may also find my developing artwork, writing, and ideas I have for games somewhere in this forum. If not, you may find links to them. In any case, it will not be too frequent becauswe I'm still learning the ropes. I have a long way to go. [img][/img] Hopefully you'll enjoy it when it comes and before I leave you to comment, I hope to ask for one thing: to let me know if i;m being interesting enough for you. Am I being funny? Am I being creative with my posts and threads? Hopefully I'm doing it right. So...many thanks.

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