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What to use for this game idea?

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Hi, I've got an idea for an RTS game like Starcraft or Age of Empire, but with a massively multiplayer giant persistent world or map with up to 1000 factions and each faction's units. resources and base is controlled by up to 64 players in team melee mode. Anyone can join any time they like.

What technologies should I learn for this?

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What technologies do you already know? [img][/img]

If the answer is 'nothing', then you need to learn how to program. It takes time (years) to learn, but it is really [i]really[/i] worth learning (it'll make you more intelligent*, and provide with a great set of skills).
The thing is, are you willing to invest the time and effort, to improve yourself and reach your goal, regardless of two or more years of work? Even though it [b][i]will [/i][/b][u][b][i]not[/i][/b][/u] make you rich?

If you want to begin this journey then start with [url=""]Python[/url] ([url=""]documentation and tutorials here[/url]), and stick with it. Don't jump ship and change languages to something else before you have stayed with Python for at least a year. Also, you'll have to temporarily set aside your game idea, and work on smaller projects as stepping stones to improve and refine your knowledge, before you tackle the project you want to make.

*[size=2]Learning something that forces your mind to think in a new way makes you more intelligent, just as exercise that forces your muscles to stretch in a new way makes you stronger.[/size]

[size=4]If the answer to the original question is, "I already know how to program in language X", then the answer is to learn language X better, and figure out how to use it to piece by piece build the type of game you want. Build a small networking practice-game, and build a small RTS practice game, and then create a working example of the real game you want to make.[/size]

[size=4]Once you have something working and [i][b]playable[/b] [/i]and enjoyable, then start recruiting artists and other teammates. Otherwise, you yourself have no idea what you are getting into, and the others you are recruiting have no idea what they are getting into, and everybody drunk on excitement and hopes and dreams, but without skill or knowledge, you'll lead them to waste many months of time on something that will crash and burn in a puff of dust. Wasting your time, and others you drag along with you, which is pretty irresponsible but frequently done.[/size]
The responsible thing is to only get others involved once you yourself already have something functioning, unless you are paying the others for their work. If you aren't paying others for their work, then you are "paying them" with a (unspoken but very real) promise of a completed game - a promise which you are incapable of keeping unless you yourself have already made previous completed games of similar scale on your own.

If passion alone makes a game, there would be a million high-quality games released every Saturday. But more than passion is needed.
[b]Games = (Passion / Perseverence) * (Skill + Knowledge)[/b]

You have one piece of the equation needed to make your game. How will you get the other three? [img][/img]
You should create a long-term (two year or more) action plan for getting there. (If you don't have a plan, you won't succeed mate - sorry if that sounds harsh! [img][/img]). A famous saying is: "[i]If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail[/i]" Edited by Servant of the Lord

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