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Few general questions on game mechanics

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I have a load of experience in management programming and I've been tinkering with SDL for some time now. Things have been going smooth. Although I have some questions on how some game-related features are achieved :

1- If you write a card game, similar to Magic the gathering. How do they handle the size of the cards with the art on changing resolutions? I've used vector images before, but they were only used to define the cards shape, the actual art was still a regular image and re sizing caused blurry results.

2- How are special effects handled? I've seen people iterate over a sprite that basically holds the different stages of an animation, is this an acceptable approach?

3- Moving objects on the x,y axis is simple, but it feels very blocky. Does anyone have a resource to how to implement smoother animations, like ease out etc(I'd like to move a block from point A to B in a smooth animation).

4- On lazyfoo's website there is an example of a street fighter game and he explains that the collision boxes are stuck to the characters [url=""][/url]
How exactly do they implement this, I mean how can the boxes follow the sprite?

5- Lastly, I've written a few games and I was planning on working my way to a few more until I get a taste of all the bases with SDL. I've noticed though that I spend a lot of time on new projects to re-make a game loop or a state machine and I feel like it's a bit of a time waste at some point to re-implement these things. If I were to embark on a serious project would it be reasonable to implement the whole engine myself? It sounds a bit overkill. I mean SDL provides surface blitting and most basic tools, but it seems like incredible work to get a decent game made with it. Perhaps the projects I've worked on up till now were little. That doesn't mean I haven't written some generic classes to get repetitive tasks done such as timer handling and such, which I paste into new projects, still it's bothersome. Edited by DZee

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