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Collada animation loading with DirectX

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hi , everyone !
Now i have a problem with loading collada animation loading in DirectX! I have read the tutorial from
The tutorial is good and i run the animation application and it works ok!
But i use my .dae ( i convert it in maya) , it can't work! (but i seems ok in the assimpViewer) i wonder why?
Here is the app(include the sample .dae and my own .dae) .
I hope someone can help me. I have confused for so long!
Thanks for any reply!

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In collada there are often several ways to describe the same property with different syntax, i.e. the bone orientation, you can export a single matrix or several single node [i]commands [/i]like translate,rotate,scale.

Your tool needs to support both versions to work with all export [i]styles[/i]. I would guess that there are differences in the bone orientation style, best to compare the nodes of library_visual_scenes in both files.

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