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Big fragment shader on GeForce 7300

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Hi All

We've problems with old NVidia GeForce 7300 card. Although our fragment shader is compiled Ok, it takes enormouse long time at first call (2 and more minutes). The stack trace shows recursive gldCopyTexSubImage calls. The shader is big (23K), but with newer cards the delay is 1-2 seconds or less yet.

So our questions are:
- how we can make it faster (for example add some specific code)? We realize it can be not possible.
- is there a way to provide callback feedback? Or at least run in other thread to show user "please wait" indicator?

Tom Edited by Tommato

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Just guessing:
Maybe the driver needs to unroll/transform a lot of code (recursive code?). If you use GLSL features which are not natively supported by a 7300, the driver will most likely try to emulate it with supported features. Edited by Ashaman73

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