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Overlaying images in deferred rendering

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Hy there,
i'm working on a small techdemo and i implemented the deferred renderer by cansin. Everything is working well so far. So i decided to modify it. I added a skysphere which is rendering onto a separate RenderTarget.

The final compositing shader overlays every drawn element on to the SkyMap.

float4 Color = tex2D(Diffuse, input.UV); //gets DiffuseMap
float alpha = 1; //calculate alpha
if (Color.a < 1)
alpha = 0;
float4 Lighting = tex2D(LightMap, input.UV); //gets LightMap
float4 Sky = tex2D(SkyMap, input.UV); //gets SkyMap
//float4 output = float4( * + Lighting.w, 1);
float4 output = float4( * + Lighting.w, 1) * (1 - alpha) + tex2D(SkyMap, input.UV) * alpha;
output = float4(, 1) * (1-alpha) + tex2D(SkyMap, input.UV) * alpha;
return output;

As you can see i dont allow smooth alphavalues. They just can be 0 or 1. This kind of masking produces some outlines around every drawn object. I dont want that. You can see this behaviour on the attached screenshot. I know from blender, that this could be a problem with premultiplied values. But i dont know how i can do that in HLSL. So please give me some advices. Thats disturbing me..

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