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Help with some camera code

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Hi everyone,

I'm currently using slimdx to make a GIS and i'm having some kind of problem with the camera which i'm not quite sure how to fix. I`ve been able to make the cursor follow the place i'm dragging but when I drag the camera the second time it is reset to the original position. Any help would be appreciated. i'm using an orthographic projection. The PanelToWorldSpace convert the view to a 1 to -1 coordinates system.
[source lang="csharp"] public void UpdateScene(float x , float y, float z)
float currentX;
float currentY;
float currentIH = ptd.Height;
float currentIW = ptd.Width;

currentX = x;
currentY = y;
mouseX = x;
mouseY = y;

Ray mr = PanelToWordSpace(x,y);

#region Zoom
if (z != 0)
if (z > 0 && camPos > 0.09 )
camPos = camPos - 0.07;

if (z < 0 && camPos < 1.4)
camPos = camPos + 0.07;
camProj = Matrix.OrthoLH(ptd.Width*3, ptd.Height*3, 0.00001f, float.MaxValue);

mouseNormalX = mr.Position.X;
mouseNormalY = mr.Position.Y;

float mouseNormalDeltaX = oldMouseNormalX - mouseNormalX;
float mouseNormalDeltaY = oldMouseNormalY - mouseNormalY;
float mouseDeltaX = oldMouseX - mouseX;
float mouseDeltaY = oldMouseY - mouseY;

camProj = camProj * Matrix.Translation(new Vector3(-mouseNormalDeltaX, -mouseNormalDeltaY, 0.0f));

WVP = World * camView * camProj ;
cbPerObj.WVP = Matrix.Transpose(WVP);
DataStream cbData = new DataStream(Marshal.SizeOf(typeof(cbPerObject)), true, true);
cbData.Position = 0;
cbPerObjectBuffer = new Buffer(device, cbData, cbPerObjectBufferDesc);
context.VertexShader.SetConstantBuffer(cbPerObjectBuffer, 0);
oldMouseNormalX = mouseNormalX;
oldMouseNormalY = mouseNormalY;
oldMouseX = mouseX;
oldMouseY = mouseY;

[source lang="csharp"] private Ray PanelToWordSpace(float x , float y)
Vector3 near = new Vector3(x,y,0.00001f);
Vector3 far = new Vector3(x,y,float.MaxValue);
Vector3 vNearW = Vector3.Unproject(near,0,0,ptd.Width,ptd.Height,0,1,World );
Vector3 vFarW = Vector3.Unproject(far, 0, 0, ptd.Width, ptd.Height, 0, 1, World);
Vector3 vDirect = vFarW - vNearW;
vDirect = Vector3.Normalize(vDirect);
return new Ray(vNearW, vDirect);

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