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What is t range in b-spline?

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Hello all,

I'm implementing b-spline curves and there is one last point I'm not understanding.

What doest the parameter (t or u in most explanations) range correspond to in visual terms?
I understand how to calculate the values to compute C(t) = ? Bi , p (t )Pi but I don't understand how to vary t (or u).

What I want is to know what are the points between P1 and P2, how do I do that by varing the t?

This is probably obvious question, sorry

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Math forum is probably better for this.

If I understand correctly, t is just value, where t = 0 indicates P1 point, while t = 1 is P2 point, most likely t = 0.5 will be in the middle between those points. If you want to gather points between P1 and P2 just increase t little by little.

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