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Game/AI Conference 2012

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The Vienna [url=""]Game/AI Conference 2012[/url] is the largest independent event dedicated to artificial intelligence, gameplay and character animation. Last year it brought together over 300 developers from around the world, including programmers from the leading European studios such as IO Interactive, Rocksteady, 2K Czek, Splash Damage, Ubisoft – and many more.

This year, most sessions have been [url=""]officially announced[/url] and the full schedule will follow, including the following titles:[list]
[*]BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY from Rocksteady Studios
[*]HITMAN: ABSOLUTION from IO Interactive
[*]GRiD & F1 from Codemasters
[*]SPEC OPS: THE LINE from Yager Development
[*]VESSEL from Strange Loop Games
[*]MAFIA 2 from 2K Czek
[*]MOTORSTORM: APOCALYPSE from Evolution Studios
There are also some tutorials (included in main conference) and workshops (standalone) on the topics of:[list=1]
[*]Procedural Character Animation Workshop
[*]Behavior Tree Logic Workshop
[*]Monte Carlo Tree Search (MCTS)
[*]Data-Mining and Pattern Recognition
[url=""]Tickets are available[/url] from 96€ for the next few weeks, and if you're a student we have a handful of Bronze tickets at 48€. Keep an eye on the official website or @GameAiConf on Twitter for details. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask!

Alex Champandard

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The [url=""]Live Stream[/url] from the Vienna Game/AI Conference will be available online free. By this time next week, Day #2 will already be underway. The broadcast starts around 07:00 UTC.

I hope you can join us live to interact with the presenters and the attendees!

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