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Hello, new to this forum.

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I am new to this forum. The reason why i joined is that i like programming and i like 3d games but i dont like to do it alone...
I am obsessed with heavy machienery like : trucks,tractors etc.
Games i like or simulators:
Farming simulator
and a lot more.

I started out programming in BASIC then in assembly then in c# and now i use a gamestudio called A8 gamestudio.
I model in Blender but i am not very tallented yet.

The reason why i created this toppic is that i seek people with common intrests who want to contribut to a vehicle simulator/game which is highly moddable.


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Rather than the A8 engine why not use XNA with C#? Its free for use commercially and non commercially. Doesn't look like the A8 engine is.

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