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[LUA] create a function, then assign it to a variable

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I am a Lua beginner, and I have a problem.
I want to let my users (designers) create some Lua functions, but I want to keep track of the function they create

So for example, I dont want them to give me this:

"function SayHello() print('hello') end"

I want them to give me these
- name: SayHello
- body: function () print('hello') end

And do along the lines like

lua_setglobal(L, name);

But this won't work because the function's body does not compile on its own.

Is there another way for me to do that, besides manually formatting the script like

sprintf(buffer, "%s =%s", name, body)

Thank you for your help

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SayHello = function() print('hello') end

But this is more or less semantically identical to:

function SayHello() print('hello') end

It might be worth getting to know Lua a bit better before deciding on just how you're going to expose a scripting interface, as you might miss a few tricks... Edited by e?dd

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I did know that, I think I just didn't explain myself well.

Anyway I found this: http://stackoverflow...ion-in-lua?rq=1
And the poster had about the same question as me.

It turns out that returning the function chunk does the trick.

My data therefore is like this

  • body = "return function (msg) print(msg) end"
  • name = "print_message"

    And my (pseudocode) is like this

    void CreateFunc(char* name, char* body)
    // verify if the function already exists

    luaL_loadstring(L, body);
    lua_pcall( L, 0, 1, 0 );
    lua_setglobal(L, name);


    I'm open to other suggestion or remarks of course

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