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Moving object on a path

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I want my objects to move along a path, reach a coord then move back again. 3D.

I have the objects (balls in my case) in its own class, rendering the movement happens in the renderscene method in the main.cpp.

I want each ball I create to be able to set up its own path in the game.

At the moment I created a method that allows all balls to move, but I need a method for each ball to have its own path.

void Balls::Move() {
position.x += 2;
if(position.x > 2400) {
reversed = false;

position.x -= 2;
if(position.x < -2400) {
reversed = true;

My code is in the pastebin link - [url=""][/url]
The DrawBalls() method is called in the renderscene method. Edited by Tonious

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