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Draw objects in real time

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Hi all,

I have [b]glutDisplayFunc[/b]() to draw the environement

And I [b]receive [/b]data from [b]network [/b]that contain position of objects, I have a [b]thread [/b]that treats that kind of data

So here my problem

I tried to store data into [b]vector<data>[/b] to be drawn in glutDisplayFunc each time, this way slow down my computer and moving objects is not smoothly

Then I tried to not use vector<data> and want to draw objects direclty from "[b]thread[/b]" that receive data, and nothing happened

so is there way to make moving objects in real time, and if possible draw them from that thread instead of glutDisplayFunc

plz i need an answer asap


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You have to re-draw the entire scene each frame. Make sure you set up the glut timer/redraw system to issue re-draws as quickly as possible.

If you're saying that networking or using std::vector<> "slows down" your game, that makes little sense; you'd have to use a profiler to figure out where the time is going. It's probably not going where you think it is.

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