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Can anyone point me in the right direction to learn about reading XML files using C++. I was able to find and learn how to write onto/create an xml document, but I am having trouble find information on accessing the xml document.

This is currently what I have"Patients.xml", ios::in);

while(! && strcmp(user, name))

getline(patientList, str);
posOpen = str.find("<name>");
newStr = str.substr(posOpen + 1);
posClose = newStr.find("</name>");
newStr = str.substr(posOpen + 1, posClose);

strcpy(name, newStr.c_str());


Right now I have it going through the XML file, line by line trying to find a name. Now that works fine, but what I want to do next is once the name I am looking for is found I want to grab the line after it.

The XML looks like this


So I want to find the name I am looking for then grab the mood associated with that name.

Thanks for your help in advance.

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take a look at [url=""]liquid xml c++ tool[/url], it will actually output c++ code from your xml, still its better to do it yourself because thats the only way but it should certainly help you understand how to structure your code.

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