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server space for mobile game

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I'm new here, but this looks like a great resource for learning how to do this the right way. Right now I am in the design phase of a mobile game and am looking for a direction to look in for getting server space.
-My game will start small, but I would like a solution easily scaled for wider use.
-I don't need a real-time connection between users, but would like to keep times to under 10 minutes between notifications.
-The game will have a lot of data stored, but there will be a few key aspects of the data useful for the social aspect. The social aspect will directly affect the game so there will need to be some sort of feedback between the game and the server without the server holding all of the information within the game.
-The game will be written in Objective C
-The server will basically serve to notify a player of a challenge, relay the answer to the challenge, take previous data applied to data involved in the challenge, compute the result, send player notification of the result, apply a reward to the game.
Any ideas on what to look into and how much a starting monthly cost would be? Thank you all for taking the time to answer these beginner questions.

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