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Investing money is for making gaming zone! Is it useful?

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Hello Everyone,
Now a days, my mind is so sharp because he has many different different ideas for making money. But i have a question about Gaming zone, I want to invest money for making a gamezone. I dont know how much useful this idea, i want suggestions please suggest me if you have experience in gamingzone. Edited by Backbencher123

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You'll need to explain yourself more clearly -- it's a difficult to tell exactly what you're talking about at the moment.

Are you interested in:[list=1]
[*]Creating games yourself, or funding the creation of games by others?
[*]Creating a gaming portal/distribution system, similar to Kongregate, Steam, etc.?
[*]Something else related to games or gaming?

In either case, it sounds like you could benefit from writing up a basic business plan and doing some analysis of costs, potential profits, problems, etc. Any basic text or short course on running a business should offer some insight into these topics.

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