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Unity Beginner HLSL tutorial?

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So, I've started learning C++ game development (primarily using DirectX). The problem is, all the tutorials for HLSL I've found are either outdated (use 2_0 HLSL version) or use XNA features. The problem with first group is that I can't fix all the errors caused by different compiler. Like the title says, I'm beginner at game development, and I've never successfully written HLSL shader [img][/img] If I'm right, Vertex structures must have POSITION0 definition whereas Pixel structures must NOT have POSITION0 definition. And I understand that's why they use functions that transform input Vertex data into Pixel that acts as the output (return value) of the function. The problem with the second group is that the job position I'm interested in requires experience in C/C++ game development. Well actually, I might be completely wrong so I'll just write my request.
I'd like to follow a tutorial that [i]enables[/i] me to write a shader file that will work in Visual Studio 2012 for DirectX 10 and DirectX 11 games.
BTW, for starters, I only want declarations for POSITION0 and COLOR0 (since I want to learn Direct3D programming rather than HLSL programming, but the first one doesn't work without the latter...) Thanks, you're awesome community [img][/img] Edited by NitroNbg

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Although this site hurts my eyes when going through it, I found that this site does cover some topics nicely from the ground up and pretty much up to date. It helped me out to make a start with DX11 and HLSL. Might not be the best site (I really don't know) but it's a good starting point I reckon!

Good luck:

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You're right hustler. I didn't know there was a Tutorial directory included in the SDK package until you inspired me to look for it. Thanks

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also he goes into explaining HLSL language. However, the sad part is a one time payment for membership is required...Which is kinda of bad. However, possibly getting a book from amazon would benefit too. Right now, I'm reading Introduction to DirectX 11 by Frank Luna. He goes into pretty good depth of explaining the dynamics of DirectX.

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Isn't there a second way to program shaders, someone calls it the "assembly way". What's that, and what should a beginner learn, or what is the benefits?

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Doing it the 'assembler way' will result in the same effects on screen (or how you'd call it).

HLSL needs to be compiled and results in assembly in the end.


I'd really suggest going for HLSL, regarding tutorials, try rb whitaker directx wiki (easy to be found googling), really worked for me.

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