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Anand Baumunk

Terrainperformance - round 2

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Hello fellows,
Sorry to bother you with this again, but I would really like to have a fine terrainengine.
This is the second round for tips on my terrainperformance, since I implemented everything from the first thread and I'm still not satisfied.
What I have already implemented is:[list]
[*]Only allocate memory at the start of the programm
[*]Only create buffers at the start
[*]Send a stream for y-values and shadows, so I need to have only one vertex+indexbuffer per LOD-level, and a one updated per chunk for y and shadows
[*]Update buffers per chunk, only when needed (wrappers)
[*]Compressed textures (BC3)
[*]16-bit values for X and Z
[*]Reduced buffersize
[*]Buffers 32-bit aligned
Here some things you are might interested in:[list]
[*]chunksize: 257
[*]terrainsize: 4096*4096, but I want to go much larger
[*]Hardware: My gaming notebook which can run about everything
[*]Visionrange: 1000
[*]Updateing Buffer with d3d11DevCon->Map() for each chunk (y and shadows)
[*]FPS: 25 when in the middle of the terrain
[*]No multithreading
[*]No water or other objects drawn
[*]3 textures, 1024*1024 each, compressed
[*]Space between two points at LOD0 is 1
I would appreciate everything that can help, thanks for having so much patience with me. Edited by gnomgrol

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