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looks like bug with namespaces in revision 1380

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I recently try revision 1380 and found follow bug - if call engine->SetDefaultNamespace then register property with RegisterGlobalProperty then i got error - 'Identifier ".." not is data type'. If I remove call engine->SetDefaultNamespace than property registered are corectly. I hope this is bug not feature.

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There was a bug, which I've fixed in revision 1381. However, AngelScript probably still doesn't work like you expect.

Currently AngelScript doesn't search for symbols in parent namespaces, so even if the type is declared for example in the global namespace you'll have to explicitly tell AngelScript to look there with the scope operator, ::, otherwise you'll get the error "Identifier is not a data type" error.

engine->RegisterGlobalProperty("::string value", &value);

The recursive search in parent namespaces will be implemented in a future release.


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