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Let's talk a little bit about the generation of terrains of CiAv or Warlock Arcane

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Hi all,

I'm very curious to know :

* how their terrains are generated ?
* how they handle the huge amount of data ?

I'm starting to examine and I'm trying to cut up in several steps the process to generate this kind of terrain.
*Each hexagon has its own type of terrain (moutain, desert, meadow, etc...).
As you can see in this picture ([url=""]http://i590.photobuc.../Games/Moai.jpg[/url]), each type of terrain is well encompassed in its hexagon. The blending between ajdacent hexagons is quite good.
*If you move quickly to an other part of terrain, we can see the loading of tiles (square tiles in Civilization 5). In this picture, i used the debug panel and we can see the square tiles [url=""][img]Picture[/img][/url]

I think they blend several little heightmaps between them and create a "big heightmap" in order to generate the geometry of the terrain.
But :
*How they cut up in several tiles and handle those data ?
*How the texturing works in this case ? Because, when we texture a terrain, the shaders needs a splatmap in order to blend textures (grass, rocks, sand, etc...), and their square tiles may contain several parts of differents hexagons... I'm confused on this point.

If you have some ideas !

Thanks in advance !

Ps : Sorry for my bad grammar ;)

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I don't know how they made it, but from the look of it I would say, that they just use a standard terrain map (subdivided into square tiles for rendering/loading purpose). The hexagon grid seems to be an visual overlay and game design subdivision.

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