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OpenGL how to use glVertexPointer

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I am pretty new to OPENGL, and could any one help me ? thanks !!

I have a texture which contains number of tiles (each tile is part of this texture).
now I want to draw all the tiles in one draw call : glDrawElements(), (every tile's vertex coordination is different).
something like:

glVertexPointer(); //set the vertex array,
glTexCoordPointer(); //set the coordinations of the tile in texture.

do I have to call glTexCoordPointer() to set the coordinations for every tile ? that will be 3 times call of above code if I want to draw 3 tiles.
is there any efficient way to handle that ?

thank you very much !!

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You can put your data in one large array and just setup the pointers once. One call to glVertexPointer and one to glTexCoordPointer.
A more efficient way would be to move up to GL 1.5 and start using VBO so that your vertices will be in video memory rather than local RAM.

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