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Mouse look script with java in Unity

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It says I have compiler errors. Anyone see something wrong? I have been checking this for about 10 minutes.

public enum RotationAxis (MouseX = 0, MouseY = 1)

var RotationAxisRotationXY = RotationAxis.MouseX || RotationAxis.MouseY;

var sensitivityX : float = 400f;
var minimumX : = -360f;
var maximumX : = 360f;
var RotationX : float = 0f;

var OriginalRotation : Quaternion;

var RotationY : float = 0f;
var minimumY : float = -360f;
var maximumY : float = 360f;
var sensitivityY : float = 400f;
function Update () {
if(RotationAxisRotationXY == RotationAxis.MouseX){

RotationX += Input.GetAxis("Mouse X") * sensitivityX * Time.deltaTime;

OriginalRotation = XQuaternion = Quaternion.AngleAxis (RotationX , Vector3.up);

transform.localRotation = OriginalRotation * xQuaternion;


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You know unity is javascript not java right, there is no relation between the 2. As for your problem, I don't know the fix or problem

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