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projecting shadow map, with deferred depth reconstruction.

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I have my PS, were it takes the depth buffer (z/w), and I'm trying to project a shadow map from a directional light which has an Orthographic projection.

So to reconstruct the positions from the depth buffer I use

//compute screen-space position
float4 position3D;
position3D.x = input.TexCoord.x * 2.0f - 1.0f;
position3D.y = (1.0f - input.TexCoord.x ) * 2.0f - 1.0f;
position3D.z = depthVal;
position3D.w = 1.0f;
//transform to world space
float4 position = mul(position3D, InvertViewProjection);
position /= position.w;

That's good for the normal camera and other calculations I have in the PS, but now I need to transform the position to the view of the directional light so I can test for shadow projection.

So I figured I would just do this and it would work.

float4 lightingPosition = mul(position3D, InvertLightsWorldViewProjection);
lightingPosition /= lightingPosition.w;

but then I figured out that since the w is always 1, this would not work as my position3D is still not the real screen space position. But when I transform my position3D into position I'm looking at the view coordinate from my main camera. So my guess is that I need to reverse the view coordinates from my main camera into real screen coordinates so I can perform a normal conversion of coordinates with something like

[CODE]float4 lightingPosition = mul(position3D, LightsWorldViewProjection);[/CODE]

now 2 questions,

#1, am I understanding all this correctly??
#2, how can I achieve what I need?? or a better way to do it.? Edited by winsrp

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