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I"m using Libgdx and I can't seem to get the android Project to run?

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So I follow this tutorial get everything set up and working and follow it to the letter. Test the desktop version and it works. Everything is just peachy and fine. I then try out the android version of it. Bam it won't start instantly force closes. I decided to start again from scratch maybe I missed something something didn't work. This time I just skip and try to compile the default project. Lo Behold it works display the default thing in both places. I think awesome to myself, so I code what I need to code just show a simple .png with some looping music. Compile it on Desktop it works. Great I think to myself nice now lets try android. I try the android version and it won't work. I tried via emulator and via my phone. No dice. Nothing it just shows me the default project that was compiled. So I think to myself WTF? I deleted the compiled .apk and try to run it again. Same thing happends.

I'm truly at a loss at to what I need to be doing. Here is the link to the tutorial


I'm using Eclipse Juno with the latest version of libgdx and I tried every single target version messing with the androind manifest and using various androind emulators with different OS versions. So I'm truly at a loss as to what i"m going to do or what the hell the problem might be.

EDIT: I discovered the problem is. Any Texture must be in the power of two. so instead of 48 I used 64x64 and everything worked just fine. Edited by rubsnick

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