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Unity 3D Character/Avatar Creation/Customization and Interface Guide

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I hope with all your help, especially those that know and maybe been trough such kind of coding of the 3D models and implementing custom choices (features : eyes , nose , years , skin color , fat / skinny , child > adult > aged , hair , skin hair..etc) in to other engines that don't have a custom avatar creation, or for your own made from scratch software not necessarily attaching it to some other engine.

So... I guess we would be very appreciative for your contribution, for the evolution of the gaming community that may be capable of such goals.

You may add / tribute with :

- name of tools ?

- name of methods ?

- authors with publications ?

- any known information or links that may help everyone interested.

( Under this doted line, here in the main post, I will add all the information helpful and my provide any light for who is interested )

- Link : [url=""]http://gamedev.stack...diting-in-games[/url] ( In that link that I found there is 1-2 comments and a link for some source code for Unity, but that can be probably transformed/adapted in any other language or you can pick what helps to make a more complex customization system of your own... I guess is a start for a first link) ( link posted by Govercin )

- Link : ( Here is the youtube page of what I have seen to be an amazing guy that took and takes his time to explain every step of what seems to be an MMO made in Unity ( important part is that he talks about methods / the code he writes and much more). Check it out and I hope you will like it for me I basically found what I was looking for in those videos ( how to make a GUI and custom character creation from the GUI to launch you in to the physical world of the MMO, but I will keep looking for features and maybe add more info from other parts of the web that I find (keep the guide going!)).) ( link posted by Govercin )

- Next Link or information ? ( link / info posted by "....." ?) Edited by Govercin

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