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Hi, correct exports from max, but the scene isn't maximized

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I have correctly exported a scene from max, but there are a lot white spaces about the main object.
I think there is something to do with window size.


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Isn't that the viewport in 3ds exactly the same as the one of the viewports in max? if so, then the dx viewport only can be as large as one of the 4 viewports in max?
which must be smaller because max viewport cannot occupy the whole screen....

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Camera Conversion method
FILE* fpc;
fpc = fopen("Output\\", "wb");
float fov, aspectRatio, nearClip, farClip;
Matrix3 posM, target;
CameraState cs;
CameraObject *cam = (CameraObject*) aNode->EvalWorldState(ip->GetTime()).obj;

cam->EvalCameraState(ip->GetTime(), FOREVER, &cs);
posM = aNode->GetObjectTM(ip->GetTime(), 0);
aNode->GetTargetTM(ip->GetTime(), target);
/*posM = posM * matD3D;
target = target * matD3D;*/
Point3 row1 = posM.GetRow(1);
Point3 row2 = posM.GetRow(2);
Point4 col1 = posM.GetColumn(1);
Point4 col2 = posM.GetColumn(2);
posM.SetRow(1, row2);
posM.SetRow(2, row1);
posM.SetColumn(1, col2);
posM.SetColumn(2, col1);
row1 = target.GetRow(1);
row2 = target.GetRow(2);
col1 = target.GetColumn(1);
col2 = target.GetColumn(2);
target.SetRow(1, row2);
target.SetRow(2, row1);
target.SetColumn(1, col2);
target.SetColumn(2, col1);

fov = cam->GetFOV(ip->GetTime(), FOREVER);

aspectRatio = ip->GetRendImageAspect();
// Change it to vertical 3d mathematic book
float e = 1 / tanf( fov / 2 );
// vertical fov
fov = 2 * atanf(aspectRatio/e);

nearClip = cam->GetClipDist(ip->GetTime(), CAM_HITHER_CLIP, FOREVER);
farClip = cam->GetClipDist(ip->GetTime(), CAM_YON_CLIP, FOREVER);
write_cam_file(fpc, posM, target, fov, aspectRatio, farClip, nearClip);

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