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Which language for a web simple-graphic startegy turn-based game?

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Like in title, I want to make a startegy turn-based game. The best example how it should look is "Stars!" - many numbers, buttons, drop-down lists, pop-up windows, sliders etc. but not-the-best graphic and no complex animations. You set parameters, click "next turn", AI executes his turn, and it's yours again.

I know a little C++ and i know i could do this in this language, but i want that you could play it from web page, like those flash/java games. And the problem is i actually don't have any knowledge about those two (or maybe theres even more?) and it's really hard to find opinions that i need. People says that "this one is better for 3d" or "complex graphics" but i really don't need any of this.

I know it's long way before i posses the abilities to make a complex and fun game, but if anyone could show me direction which i should follow i would be really thankfull.

Sorry for language errors ^^'


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Web games you have a few options.
The main 2 are as you mentioned flash and java objects embedded into the page, these require the user to have flash or java installed on their system and a browser plugin, most modern browsers will notify the user and guide them through it, no problems. Java applets don't seem all that common but flash objects pop up all the time.

There is also javascript+HTML5+webGL as an increasingly popular choice, limited browser support but no plugin required (unless you use internet explorer which for reasons beyond human comprehension doesn't support HTML5 very well at all and has no plan to support webGL in the near future).

The Unity engine also offers a browser plugin and deployment to web although has limited browser options in which the plugin is available.

I would have a look at code examples for all 4 and then see what floats your boat.

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